WCF Series

WCF Series Rotowiper®

WCF Series Specification - Tow Behind

Tank Size
WCF18 1.80m 1.90m 101kg 0-65cm 45 ltr
WCF24 2.40m 2.50m 109kg 0-65cm 45 ltr
WCF28 2.80m 2.90m 122kg 0-65cm 45 ltr
WCF32 3.20m 3.30m 130kg 0-65cm 45 ltr
WCF45 4.50m 4.60m 200kg 0-55cm 120 ltr
WCF45ET* 4.50m 4.60m 340kg 0-55cm 120 ltr

*ET = End Tow unit

Standard Features
- 45l Custom made tank with HI volume 12v pump. (except WCF45 and WCF45ET)
- Comes partially assembled.
- Jockey Wheel fitted as standard.
- Manual and all attaching hardware included.

- Lance Kit
- Foam Marker
- Glove Holder
- Jockey Wheel
- Hand wash tank
- Custom made wiring loom for tractors, utes etc
- End Tow units for WCF28 and WCF32
- Triple hitch kits for 1.8, 2.4, 2.8 & 3.2 sizes

Which model is for me?
- How wide is my narrowest gate? – Look at overall width
- How wide is my narrowest bridge? – Look at overall width
- How wide are my race ways?  - Look at overall width
- How big are my paddocks? – Look at working width

If you have large paddocks and small gateways, races or bridges, then an End tow unit is better as you can cover a larger area and still get through your gates.

The WCF has been proven over many years and has been very successful in the control of many weeds. It is ideal in a paddock situation as it can be towed behind a Quad, Tractor or other farm vehicle.

WCF28 Rotowiper
WCF32 Triple Rotowiper
WCF32 Triple unit.