Operation of Rotowiper®
1-     Pasture preparation, best results are achieved if at least ½ your targeted weed is clear of your pasture, this allows a good area to be exposed to your Rotowiper® and leaving clearance from your pasture. Usually you can put your stock in your pasture and let them eat it down, then put your Rotowiper® through it.

2-     Adjust the height of your Rotowiper® by lifting the side arm up and moving the adjusting nut down the jack. Depending on what vehicle you are using to tow your Tow behind Rotowiper® you can achieve working heights 0-650mm, Tractor mounted units are regulated by their Lift Arms.

3-     Fill your 45l tank with the required herbicide mix and approximately 300ml of dish washing liquid, this gives a very good visual indication of the amount of herbicide on your roller. as shown. Apply herbicide to your roller by pressing the switch (it is a momentary switch and must be pressed to activate pump), move slowly forward until roller is saturated but not dripping. Stop applying herbicide.

4-     Travel at a speed up to 10kph which is safe and doesn’t create to much bounce on your Rotowiper® as this can shake herbicide onto your pasture and damage your weeds and a damaged weed won’t absorb the herbicide as well.

5-     As the herbicide on your roller is used, replace it by pressing the switch. Remember that you have the best eyes and brain, if you see a heavy patch of weeds approaching you can increase the amount of herbicide before you get there just don’t let it drip. Just before you come out of it, stop applying herbicide so that you don’t get any drips on your pasture.

6-     Make sure your Roller stays as free from dust and dirt as possible as this will neutralise some herbicides such as Roundup®

7-     When you have finished come to a halt in a gate way or race to avoided drips from the roller damaging pasture.

Although we have mentioned pasture here, the same can apply for many crops as the weeds grow faster than the crop. You can put your Rotowiper® through the crop to control the weeds, giving your crop more moisture and sunlight.