Principles of Rotowiper®

    1. Rotowiper® uses a unique carpeted drum which rotates in the opposite direction of travel. This movement insures that the roller has a constant supply of herbicide, which is in effect brushed on to your targeted weeds.
    2. As the roller rotates it applies the herbicide to the stem and the underside of the leaf, this being one of the more receptive areas for the weed to absorb the herbicide.
    3. Small weed’s exert little pressure on the carpet therefore they only remove a little herbicide.
    4. Large weeds exert more pressure therefore remove more herbicide.
    5. This means you are only applying the herbicide that is required and not wasting it.
    6. As the herbicide runs down the stem it encircles the stem and reaches the base of the weed.


  1. The advantages
    • You have only applied herbicide to the targeted weeds.
    • You have only applied the herbicide that is required to do the job.
    • You have used less chemical than other alternative applicators.
    • You can let your stock back in after any withholding time.
    • You have increased your profits by effectively giving your pasture more moisture and sunlight to grow.
  2. As with any system of herbicide application, the best results are achieved by planning. Plan and decide when  you are going to apply the herbicide and with what chemical, and once you have planed it stick to your plan.
  3. What herbicide? In the owners manual we have listed a range of herbicides and mixes, these are suggestions only! The water that you use, the area you are in, all have different results with different chemicals, the best solution is to try small sample areas that you can monitor easily and use what is best for you in your area – Your local farm supply merchant will give you the best advice as they know your area well. Generally herbicides that can be sprayed, can be wiped.